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Okładki/Plakaty filmów reżyserek Lesbian movie posters

Mädchen in Uniform 1931r.

Oliwia 1951r.

Een Vrouw als Eva 1979r.

Weggehen um anzukommen 1982r.

Desert Hearts 1985r.

Anne Trister 1986r.

Waiting for the Moon RFN 1987r.

Le Jupon rouge 1987r.

Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit 1989r.

Claire of the Moon 1992r.

A Village Affair 1994r.

Sister My Sister 1994r.

Go Fish 1994r.

Bar Girls 1994r.

Charlotte dite 'Charlie’ 1995r.

Thin Ice 1995r.

The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love 1995r.

When Night Is Falling 1995r.

Costa Brava 1995r.

Gazon Maudit Francja 1995r.

Chinese Chocolate 1995r.

Everything Relative 1996r.

Pusinky 2007r.

Late Bloomers 1996r.

Female Perversions USA 1996r.

The Watermelon Woman 1996r.

Slaves to the Underground 1997r.

All Over Me 1997r.

Entwined 1997r.

Hight Art 1998r.

Revoir Julie 1998r.

Alles wird gut 1998r.

Some Prefer Cake 1998r.

Out of Season 1998r.

Jaded 1998r.

Chutney Popcorn 1999r.

Better Than Chocolate 1999r.

But I'm a Cheerleader 1999r.

The Truth About Jane 2000r.

Love/Juice 2000r.

The Girl 2000r.

The Monkey's Mask 2000r.

If These Walls Could Talk 2 2000r.

An Intimate Friendship 2000r.

What Makes a Family 2001r.

Combats de femme - Un amour de femme 2001r.

Gasoline 2001r.

Jin nian xia tian 2001r.
A Family Affair 2001r.

Sugar Sweet 2001r.
Treading Water 2001r.

Lost and Delirious 2001r.
La répétition 2001r.

Make A Wish 2002r.
A mi madre le gustan las mujeres 2002r.

Maggie and Annie 2002r.
Alice 2002r.

Do I Love You? 2002r.
In Passing 2002r.

Monster 2003r.
Intentions 2003r.

An Unexpected Love 2003r.
Inescapable 2003r.

April's Shower 2003r.
Robin's Hood 2003r.

Making Maya 2003r.
Nachbarinnen 2004r.

Girl Play 2004r.
Feuille 2004r.

Sancharram 2004r.
Black Aura on an Angel 2004r.

Mango Kiss 2004r.
Sévigné 2004r.

Saving Face 2004r.
Oublier Cheyenne 2005r.

Fingersmith 2005r.
Fremde Haut 2005r.

Floored by Love  2005r.
Nina's Heavenly Delights 2005r.

Mom 2006r.
Sonja 2006r.

Love & Suicide 2006r.
Loving Annabelle 2006r.

The Book Club 2006r.
Rome & Juliet 2006r.

Was am Ende zählt 2007r.
Vivere 2007r.

Ci qing 2007r.
Butch Jamie 2007r.

Itty Bitty Titty Committee 2007r.
Naissance des pieuvres 2007r.

The World Unseen 2007r.
Finn's Girl 2007r.

This Kiss 2007r.
Tick Tock Lullaby 2007r.

To Each Her Own 2008r.
Piao lang qing chun 2008r.

Family 2008r.

I Can't Think Straight 2008r.
The Panda Candy 2009r.

Viola di mare 2009r.
And Then Came Lola 2009r.

Je te mangerais 2009r.
El niño pez 2009r.

Drool 2009r.
Hannah Free 2009r.

Ghosted 2009r.
Gigola 2010r.

The Kids Are All Right 2010r.
Mary Marie 2010r.

Bloomington 2010r.
Elena Undone 2010r.

The Owls 2010r.
Duk haan chau faan 2010r.

Amar es Bendito 2010r.
Jamie and Jessie Are Not Together 2011r.

Circumstance 2011r.
Pariah 2011r.

Kyss Mig 2011r.
Apflickorna 2011r.

Margarita 2012r.

Bye Bye Blondie 2012r.
Route of Acceptance 2012r.

Mosquita y Mari 2012r.
A Perfect Ending 2012r.

Concussion 2013r.

Tru Love 2013r.
Zwei mütter 2013r.

Who's Afraid of Vagina Wolf? 2013r.
The Foxy Merkins 2013r.

Von mädchen und pferden 2014r.
Girltrash: All Night Long 2014r.

Anatomy of a Love Seen 2014r.
Lyle 2014r.

Happy End 2014r.
Appropriate Behavior 2014r. 

Respire 2014r.
The Summer of Sangaile 2015r.

Changing Spots 2006r.
La Robe Du Soir 2009r.
She Must Be Seeing Thibges  1987

Zomer 2014r.

Liz en Septiembre 2013r.
Novembermond  1985                             

The Most Fun I've Ever Had with My Pants On 2012r.
Strefa nagości 2014r.

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